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Rogue River Fishing

Estuary Fishing

King Salmon

The Rogue River is a place to find some the best fighting and tasting King Salmon. Fish over 40 lb. are caught on a regular basis. These salmon are hot and full of fight right out of the ocean.

Based in Gold Beach, OR, we fish the lower 37 miles of the Rogue from the comfort of our 23’ Willie Raptor Ocean boat. Our boat is fully loaded with a covered top and heater. With a highly coveted USFS permit to guide the Lower Rogue, we can follow salmon from the ocean to upstream holding waters.

Spring Chinook

Arguably the best tasting salmon on the planet, "Springers" enter the Rogue in March and can be caught through early June. We fish the peak of the season in April & May. Primarily an anchor fishery, we anchor in softer inside seams and fish anchovies or spinners for moving salmon. Our Lower Rogue permit allows us to get away from the crowds and find prime.

Fall Chinook

Starting in early July, pre-spawn fall Chinooks enter the Rogue Estuary. Our fishing methods are dictated by river flow and temperature. With low and warm waters, the salmon stack up in the Estuary where we catch them on weightless spinners and trolled anchovies. This past season water levels were higher and cooler so, salmon did not want to hold in the estuary. We fished the special permitted area for moving salmon with great results and less pressure on the anchor and side drifted roe.

Coho Salmon

The Rogue hosts a spectacular run of Coho (silver) salmon mid-Sept. through the end of Oct. Full of fight, silvers will take to the air like a steelhead and bulldog like a king. We target these acrobatic fighters by trolling anchovies or small plugs in the Estuary.

River Ocean Boat

1 of 39 Wild and Scenic permits from Lobster Creek to Agnes

Fishing License

We are dedicated to making your trip an adventure of your lifetime. Steve has been fishing with a great passion for a good 25+ years and have moved up the different levels of fishing culminating with Steve Huber Guide Service.

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