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One of the most scenic rivers in California offering phenomenal salmon and steelhead fishing.  These salmon are some of the most hard fighting salmon you will find.  While shore fishing can be combat shoulder to shoulder fishing while cruising the river in the jet boat is the only way to go. We will start our trips on the Klamath in August for steelhead.  Salmon season will follow up in September.  We will be side drifting and boondoggen roe.  Please check the action we filmed with Inside Sportfishing and A.F.F in Septmenber. Click Here.  We have other boats available to accommodate large groups. The Klamath Trinity, Smith will be one of the only rivers to take salmon for the 2009 season.  Please do not wait to make your reservations now.  I look forward to another great season.



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Fish & Wildlife Licensed & Bonded # 3193                                                          Permitted for Trinity River

Steve Huber Guide Servie is an Equal Opportunity Service Provider and a Permittee of the Shasta Trinity National Forest and Rogue River - Siskiyou National Forest, Gold Beach Ranger District.

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